The journey does not only talk about the people and the place but also everything in between about how you have turned out after that.

Writing about KK in one entry would never be enough. There are many things to write about, stories to tell and places one could fall in love with.
Before I start telling you about our journey, a big credit to our humble hotel who made our stay very convenient, at ease and so homey- STORY TEL 🙂. We booked our accommodation via AIRBNB with a very affordable price at P2610 for 2 pax (3 nights). The host let us checked in early since we arrived past midnight in KK.
A foreign country will always be strange to non-citizens and that’s the beauty of it since we get to discover how beautiful a country is through its people. The hotel staff were very accommodating to our needs. On our 2nd day, we woke early for the island hopping plan but the bus was not available and it’s too far to walk. Hari, one of the hotel staff, let us avail his free uber ride.
Hari was also our tour guide cum driver during our last day in KK. We toured the city with him and he didn’t ask for any compensation. We wanted to treat him to lunch or something but he was fasting that time. We will never forget his kindness and all the things he shared to us about KK and everything in between.
One more thing, we will never forget the kindness of the Hotel Boss himself who took us to the airport at midnight. We were forever indebted to their kindness and hospitality.

While we were heading to the airport for our flight back in PH. I wrote this poem:
“Going home is going home
But not this time
Heading to the airport
I was teary eyed
The thought of leaving
Even if Home is waiting.
It’s a first to feel something
To this wonderful place
To this simple city
Where cars are always busy.
And public transpo is a bit frustrating.
And yet, the thought of leaving
And yes leaving for home.
I should keep going.
I am a gypsy
I cannot stay for long
But it left me feeling empty
Because I left my heart
At my new found home
In Kota Kinabalu
There are many stories to tell.
Stories to tell, yes.
One day I’ll be back.
Because you always come back
To whichever place you call


PS: Watch out for the Gypsy’s journey to KK Day 1 tour.


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