The Girl that never left

“In this world, the most tragic thing is not that you couldn’t meet the one you love but meeting him but he could not love you.”-Unforgettable love

I will be writing about her. And this is for the first time.
Her love story didn’t start when she was in high school. It started in college when she realized she couldn’t have the person she loved the most.
I can still perfectly remember how that devilishly handsome guy caught her attention. He wiped away the silent tears in her heart and she was able to smile again. Unfortunately, she fell.
She had fallen in love in a least expected way. But he didnt. He just cared. It was fine-or so she thought.
As days passed,she fell more in love never realizing that she was doomed from the very start.
For years, she had this on and off feelings for him. He became special in an unexplained way.
Her friends thought she wouldn’t move on. But SHE DID. She didn’t move away though. She stayed.
She’s the girl that never left. She’s me.

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