His Aching Broken Heart

I remember it now. We were always connected with heartbreaks.

We always got each other’s back every time we got our hearts broken.

It seems really funny that his broken heart will always lead him to me. I was silently hoping that a completely healed heart will also lead him to me. But years have passed me by and nothing’s changed. It’s still the same; I only have him with me when his heart is broken. Still, I’m glad because we remained good friends.

I always have those rage every time they break his heart because he chose them over me and yet they ended up hurting him. How could they afford to hurt the one I loved so much? That’s what I told myself then.

Sometimes, I indulge myself for having a feeling for him, to sympathize then just empathize in the long run. Maybe my love was really unconditional and stupid at the same time. Yes, I realized it a long time ago. But I chose to remain stupid by loving him.


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