Behind the Scenes

I watched him make and break a relationship. I watched how many girlfriends passed by his life. I watched him smile and in pain. I never saw him cry. I watched how she left him shattered into pieces. I watched how he struggled to manage but did it anyway. I watched almost everything that happened to his love life. But he wasn’t able to watch my heart broken into pieces just by watching him.

My unrequited love for him  started during my first year in college. I described him as a devilishly handsome guy. I poured all the love I have left to him from loving someone who was never worth it. That love was never returned that’s why it’s called unrequited.

All the crazy stuff a girl so childish would do, I did it to vindicate myself. I had a hard time moving on. I stalked and it even came to the point of hurting myself physically. I never blamed him though. It was my fault to assume.

I was his shock absorber and comforter. He became a companion for a while and I enjoyed every time we were together.

The only gentlemanly guy for me because I’m always bias when it comes to him. I adored him for a very long time.

The last time we were together, I had a boyfriend and it was the happiest moment of my life. I was sure I’ve no feelings for him anymore. Nevertheless, being with him that time was much appreciated.

A year passed living a life away from him. I only see updates from him on facebook. I could only see that he has reached his dream. He is successful now. With all the struggles he’s been through, he deserved such glory. He is also happy with his new girl.

I watched him again this time, his success and happiness. The only difference from before and now is that my heart’s not broken every time I watch him. I watch him with a smile and with a hope−of all the best things in life.

PS|| This was written in the year 2015.

See you in the next chapter…..



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