The Nth Time

When I heard the news that he got a new girl, it was hard to believe. Later when I saw them, I have nothing left to believe in what I saw. I was sure the girl was a rebound. I knew how much he loved his ex girlfriend. I told myself they won’t last for long. And I was right.

I knew him too well without knowing it. It’s as if I knew what he is feeling even if I do not know everything about him. I just knew him in my own simple way. My feelings spoke of it.

The idea of him having a new relationship broke my heart unexpectedly. I knew then I haven’t moved on. I was supposed to cry for a break up but I was more than hurt because of him. I told myself I was okay but really, I was not.

I thought I was good without him but feelings like that deeply engraved were hard to recover. So I faced it. I moved on but I never have moved away. Shame on me!

 The last thing I did for him was to give him a personalized, hand made notebook with full of poems only for him. It was a gift for his birthday. I put my best effort on to have done something like it.

                       I told myself, this is really goodbye. Not for the nth time. Never again.

Watch out for the next chapter……………………


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