Moving On?

I wanted to move on. I got myself a boyfriend. I loved him or I let myself believed I did. I was happy for a while and then things got worse. We fell out of love.

During that time, I heard he was a broken hearted man. His girlfriend left him for another guy. I felt sad for him. I know I was over him but I can’t help feeling sad. I always wanted him to be happy.

My boyfriend that time was too busy for me and I do not know what happened or maybe fate wanted to play with me again or was giving me a chance. We started talking and going out together. I acted a shock absorber for him. He told me what happened and I consoled him. I was ready to be with him, to comfort him. I felt sorry for him. I said, everything will be alright.

                       We hanged out almost every day. We ate dinner together, watch movies, talked about anything and everything. We never crossed the line of friendship. I knew he cannot get over his lost love and I was in a relationship.

Those times with him were the best times of my life. I have come to know him and see him differently; not a one sided love but a special friend.

 He even challenged me to graduate with honors and that he’ll treat me big time. I was getting more inspired to study well. He was one of the reasons why I was on the Dean’s list. Because of the pain I’ve felt, I focused myself on studying and doing good for myself. I was hoping that he could see my worth more than a friend but he never did.

I accepted the challenged though. After some time, we drifted apart or maybe we got busy with our life. I broke up with my boyfriend and he got himself another girlfriend.

Watch out for the next chapter………………


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