My aching broken heart

I will never forget the date because it was my birthday when I gave him the letter expressing how I felt about him. It was self degrading for others to confess one’s feeling especially when you’re a girl but it was a way for me to move on and let it all out.

I wrote him a short letter stating that in least expected circumstances, I fell for him. I wasn’t asking for a love in return; I just wanted to express everything I feel to move on with my life. After letting him read the letter, he just smiled. And it was okay.

It was okay not until I realized that its hard moving on from someone you always see even from afar. The next months became better since I transferred to another apartment.

I have managed to keep my feelings for him. It’s hard to describe everything what I’ve felt for him before but I found myself crying all the time, crying of a lost love that was never been mine in the first place.

I have done a lot of stupid things for him. I stalked him. I called him, texted him and all that stuff but I just hurt myself even more. I even wrote something in my risks with a sharp object to extricate pain and sorrow. What a foolish thing to do but I did it anyway.

We happened to have the same PE teacher and there was a PE culmination for all the students who were under that professor. We met again. I was unlucky because that day my classmate confronted me that I have to get myself back together. My friend was so concerned about me that I cried before the program. I decided to move on, like for a hundred of times, but unfortunately, I saw him again.

He gave me that charming smile I first fell in love with. My eyes were dried with tears and I tried to hide it as much as I can. He talked about something but I didn’t bother to listen. I just smiled. When he performed in the stage, my classmates cheered for him referring to me and he acknowledged it. I was happy and sad because I know I could never have him.

The next year in College, I found out he got himself a girl friend. It hurts like hell for me. I knew he will never love me but facing the truth was a slap in reality. I watched him from afar. I decided to move on and got myself a boyfriend.

Watch out for the next chapter………………


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