Rebound Madness

I was nursing a broken heart. He, effortlessly, healed it with a smile.

But I realized later on that I fell for him easily because I need to give all the love I have with me to move on and start anew. My fault was I started with him, without him knowing because I only want what’s best for me.

It started all in a joke. I jokingly said to him that I get jealous every time I saw him with another girl. One time, I saw him again with another girl and I don’t know but I felt a pang of jealousy. So I confronted him and he said she was just a friend.

I’ve known then that he is a charmer and the sweet kind. He is always sweet not just to me but to everyone. Still, I fell for him. I wanted to break loose but it was too late because I was hanging by a moment wanting to fall in love or fall back off.
For a span of three months, I fell badly in love. He was not aware but I slowly kept my distance.
Fate played hard on me because every time I see him, I fell more in love.

He promised to give me a sprite in can because I craved for it but when the time came that he fulfilled his promise, I hid in the room. He walked away. I felt bad about it but I just can’t explain what I was feeling for him that time.

It was on the 24th day of July, we were eating in the University canteen, I was so happy talking about him to my friends. I blabbered what I’ve got in mind only to get caught by him, it was like cat got my tongue. I was so ashamed because there I was talking about him and he was just around the corner. I was so stupid back then.

My classmates and friends also knew about him. We were not a thing but my love for him was that much that even my friends supported my endeavor.

Watch out for the NEXT chapter…………………………………………………………


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