First Acquaintance

My story with him is like a novel; it started one sunny day, ended up in a tragic way and it was written by me. Still I was happy and so was he.

My first year in college was never that easy. Aside from coping with a new environment, I was nursing a broken heart from a puppy love. That puppy love has led me to him though ….
I first saw him at the boarding house near our University. We happened to live in the same one. I never noticed him because I have an eye for another that time. But one time, we met in the hallway and he smiled at me. I just gave him a lopsided smile. My life went on.
Not until I saw him at the University again. We were on the same school but not in the same department. He was studying Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering while I was enrolled in Bachelor of Arts in English majoring Language.
However, all freshmen in the University were enrolled in NSTP (National Service Training Program) but we’re not on the same group. He belonged to “Temperance” group while I was in “Prudence” group.
We may not be in the same group but we do the same activities for that subject. One is joining a Milo Marathon.
We ran and ran out of breath after and rushed home (boarding house). Unfortunately, my room was locked and I had no choice but to sleep on the benches provided for visitors. Then he arrived, I could still remember how he smiled at me.

It was the first time I saw a devilish smile because I know from that moment on, my heart has skipped a beat.

Watch out for the next chapter…………………………………………………………


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