The NTH time Letting Go (A Series)

I always manage to move forward, move on and even moved away but sadly and unfortunately, I always failed to let go, of him, his memories because my authored story has been etched in my heart.

I’ve written many stories (inspired by him). I even twisted stories (fiction & non-fiction combined) just to write about my feelings for him. So with a hope to finally let go, of every memory and the love I’ve left for him, I should be able to let go of our story and tell it to the world.

Way back 2015, I have written a timeline for us (I was hoping to publish a book about my love for him). I think it’s high time to realize it here in my blog. I may not come up with a hard cover book, but having published it here , maybe could help me get over this.

And since you already know my very conclusion of authored love story, I might as well start it here :

My story with him was like a novel. It started one happy sunny day; ended up in a rainy tragic way. And it was written by me. Still I was happy.

-I still don’t know if he’s happy about it too.

Anyway, here is the preface of the almost book that I would want to publish way back 2015:

Out of the blue, a friend said: “ayaw na paghulat kay xo much pain oy.”
And I was like O_o ???

Many of my friends thought that I’m still waiting for him, that I haven’t moved on? Well I can’t blame them. They witnessed how I drowned myself to such unrequited love.

I decided writing this book after I’ve read the book of Alex Gonzaga’s “Dear Alex, Paano Ba ‘to, Break na Kami. Love, Cathy.” It’s as if the book was meant for me and only for me. But there’s one thing that sets me apart from Alex and her love story, my story of unrequited love. So I decided to write one, not for that guy but for those who experienced the pain of unrequited.

As Alex said, one proof of moving on, write a book about it. So here it is !

DISCLAIMER|| I do not encourage nor support UNREQUITED LOVE AFFAIR. I’ve been there. I just need to write in order to free myself from this stupid fantasy. I need to write NOT TO REGRET, that I have loved and lost because I was happy at that time. 🙂

Watch out for the first chapter…………………………………………………………


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