An Open Letter for XMP

Two years is really long to have not written anything about him or be inspired by him to write anything. (I think there is word play here) And why now? Maybe because the need arises or maybe it’s the thought that I wont be seeing him anytime soon or maybe never again. We’ll never really know. Only time can tell. 

You would think I’m still the silly girl who loved him with all my stupidity because it was an unrequited love, but this time I can prove myself confidently that I became a stronger woman and a better version of myself because of that silly love or whatever they call it.

This is my open letter. I do hope he wont be able to read this ( there’s a fat chance he would so Im counting on that 1% to save myself from another shame or what not). And whenever I mention about letter, still fresh from my memory on what happened on the 10th day of Oct 2008, when I have let him read a letter confessing such falling in love with him thingy. Hahahaha i couldn’t help but laughed at the thought. And the video I uploaded on youtube (wayback 2010) featuring our (some blurry) pics together. Such a shame on my face and the vid is still private even until now. I just couldn’t trash such effort with the background song “Friend of Mine.”

So you see I have loved him with a love I cannot even comprehend. (Charaught ahha)

And since it started raining at this moment while writing this, I never thought I could write such a long prologue with a very short open letter.

Actually I had a battle with myself of wanting and not wanting to message him on saying goodbye and good luck thingy. In the end, I chose my blog, my best resort since I’m not into Facebook lately. (And my message on Viber was always “SEEN”.)

So here it goes:

Maybe you will always be an exemption from everything or everyone I always care and I still do. Because I really want to see you happy.

My fave pain (my xomuchpain, my xmp) most of my friends knew you but you only knew a few of them. For them there was a history of us. I authored it. Hahah! Anyway, Congrats and Bon Voyage. You already know my thoughts and predictions of a brighter future for you, what lies ahead. (Madame Auring ang peg) I wanted to write a long skemer but too busy and lazy lately. There’s so many things going on. (Charot) so you take a lot of care. I wont tell you to communicate (haha kebs) just send me POSTCARDS, like tons of it. Haha would really appreciate that.

You’ll always be the best boy and I’m the best girl and we’re the best but just like that.

Saranghaeyo 🖤 PS| Move on now. The past is in the past (Let it go) hahhaa! 

I’ll see you Someday, Somewhere 🙂

So whenever someone asked me how many boyfriends I had. I’d really prefer the question asking how much I have loved because even if we cannot measure it, my poems, stories and how INDIFFERENT I’ve become, may satisfy their curiousity. ☺️

PS: Sorry for the throwback photos. (HAHA)

Date written: March 2017; Edited: April 2017; Published: May 2017




      1. HAHHAHA sa kasamaang palad (unfortunately) pde sa kalungkutang palad? okay na uy. natanggap ko na. Wala na ang sigaw kong bumbalik sa nakaraan. hahhaha hayaan na natin ang hangin. ang panahon, ang pag-ibig ( HAHAHAH)

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