My (self-proclaimed) best friend,
Through the passing years, its funny that you’ve remembered my password (still using that pw tho). And how you teased me asking who the hell was that? Haha Lil things really meant a lot! Before Emman, there was you and me. (Haha) and there was the three of us. Okay so much for that, a happy birthday to you. I hope to see you very soon despite busy sked so that we can have our massage and pizza again. I pray for all the best in your life. I love you Dexter John B. Taguding! 🖤 (ayaw ko isuka friend pls haha).

With much love from me 🙂

PS|| Magpasalamat nalang gud ka oy nga gpost nako akong greetings dari (WALA KOY FB; WALA KAY IG). Pang universal baya ang level sa akong blog. PANGLIBREEEE OY! XX



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