Mountain Stories-2

Sometimes it takes a mountain to finally move on and let go of the feelings you wanted to stay forever.

I still remember the first time I climbed a mountain. I was in high school and had no idea how far and how long it takes to finally arrive at our destination. I was consumed with cold and pain altogether. I could not move my feet. It was very painful. But after days passed and I got well, it was then I have appreciated the pain I have felt.

Like in love, when you’re in pain, there are no logical reasons to explain everything or to compensate for everything you have experienced. But once you manage to overcome it, looking back will never be painful again. You will learn to move forward and just take a glance at yesterday. You will know how much you have grown and how much you’ve changed for the better.

Disclaimer: Photo not mine. Credits to a very good friend of mine. Cheers to more mountains and beautiful photos like me 🙂 xx


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