Mountain Stories: A Preview

I always thought that seashores cannot meet the subway. Once there was a man of the sea who met a train girl in the crossroads. However, in the long run, they cannot cross the bridge. There is too much water on it. He decided to walk away to the sea where he could set sails favoring the winds he chose to navigate. And she was back at the subway with her pen and paper, poems all for him. The seafarer broke the subway girl. That was the end of their short story. A lifetime passed and another story was told. It was the same and different all at once. This time they were the SeaBird and the Mountain Child. The SeaBird loves the mountain but he cannot live with it. Its always the sea that will set him free. Despite it all, he continues to dream and explore depths of the world climbing mountains and hills for the time being. He never stops dreaming. He never stops believing. He keeps on flying and soaring. While the mountain child cannot always heed to the call of the mountains. The subway has become her life. It is her now. But she looked up to the SeaBird and how he has grown from being the Seafarer to a brave SeaBird. She was so proud of what he has become, of how he possessed the POWER of making his own and other’s dream come true. The Mountain Child though is happy and content that she comes home to the subway, paying short visits to the mountains which she owed her life, exploring islands, loving the sea that once broke her and writes stories. Yes stories, because she thought that if she cant always live in the mountain, she can always write about it, and not only mountains, she will write different stories,of people, places and she will soon write about YOU.


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