His Pain and Mine

Is love complicated regardless of space and time?
I don’t know.
What I know is, the pain brought me to healing.
To forget you.
To finally move on.


You’re the most unlikely person I’ve ever met
And yet the Not so Easy to forget
You danced with the pain in my heart
Hoping you could make a new start.

I told you the first time we met:
“I’m an open wound that no doctor could ever heal.”
Then you replied:
“Maybe I could.”

And you did. You really did.
But you inflicted another wound.
Worse than the previous.

We were each other’s soulmates.
And just like any soulmates
We’re doomed!

John Green was right when he said
That pain demands to be felt.
After loving you, I felt the pain.
I tried to avoid it at numerous times,
From different men.
The pain of watching someone
Fall out of love
The pain of losing them in a wrong time
The pain of letting them go.
And now I know that I need to find my
Happiness away from you.

And one last thing,
If you happen to hear this.
I’d like to say I’m Sorry.
I’m sorry that I cared too much.
Maybe I was just wasting my time.
I’m sorry if we went from everything to nothing
I deserve better now.
And I’m sorry that it’s already too late
For the both of us.

See Video for Spoken Poetry 🙂 CLICK HERE!


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