Mt. Capistrano & side trips

I’m not afraid of heights; I’m afraid of falling.

*Since this is a year-ender blog, I have nothing much to say because I have enjoyed my holiday.


With no idea of what awaits me, I went climbing with my friend/classmate in Mt. Capistrano. It was then that I realized, it was not an easy journey.


“Saan aabot ang 20 pesos mo?”  (Cornetto inspired tagline) By the way, 20 pesos is the registration fee.


It’s more than just mountain climbing, it was rock climbing, trees hugging and mud sliding. Total package in an adventure you’d never expected in your life.



After mountain climbing, we had short side trips 🙂


And again, it’s not just the destination. It’s both the JOURNEY and DESTINATION.

Click here: Mt. Capistrano Vlog 🙂

Click here: Watch Side trips vlog (Bukidnon overview and Bemwa farm)



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