Lake Holon: Crown Jewel of the South

Letting go of life’s worries leads you to finding inner peace and happiness, CIG 2016.

Note: This travelogue is not about the details on how to get there, the fees and all its stuff but a reflection that I have come up while taking the journey.


There will come a time in our life that we will be fed up with life’s worries and anxieties will eat you up if you are not strong enough to handle it. Family problems, losing a special friend, emotional battles, writer’s block and friendship break-ups were just some of those things I got tired of dealing with.

So I called up some friends for an impulsive weekend get-away: Climb Lake Holon and take the challenging Kule trail.

I never expected too much from this journey, my mind was so focused to forget everything, every worries even for a while. But never I expected to find my muse again. And I am more than glad it has come back to me in the right time.


I am just so happy that I found my muse again. You know it the moment you didn’t mind how difficult is the trail but when you’re mind is thinking what are the perfect words to write and the perfect captions for the pictures taken.


Kodus to my friends who keep me company despite short notice.


The mystery of  Lake Holon was enchanting that it brought me back the pieces I’ve lost in my life this year.

It’s not just finding my muse but finding myself again. It is moving on from the pain of yesterday, from the pain of losing someone special and letting go of people who wouldn’t want me in their lives. It’s like losing and finding a piece of yourself.


And it’s finally being happy again. And I know I deserve it.


Click here: Watch Lake Holon Vlog 🙂


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