Macao-Hongkong Travelogue

When it rains, look for rainbows.

That’s how we survived on our Macau-Hongkong Journey despite typhoon signal No. 1, 3 and 8.

Even if how many times I put it mind that it was some sort of sad and tragic travel story, God’s plan is always right on track. Despite disappointments, all had been well.


17 Oct 2016 MNL-MFM

Our MNL-MACAU flight was delayed (due to the typhoon entering the Philippine Area of Responsibility) so we arrived at midnight in Macau with heavy rains about to fall. I have been preoccupied with life that I was not able to have a well planned itinerary.

When we arrived at the airport, we just observed the people there until a group of women approached us. They are Filipinos too. We hesitated at first but thinking of nowhere to go, we accepted their offer to stay at their place for the night.

Click here: Arrival Vlog 1:)

18 Oct 2016

The following day it was raining cats and dogs in Macau but we proceeded with our plan to depart for Hongkong.

Click here: Bound for HK Vlog 🙂

The women who adopted us for the night (Ate Jessie and company) gave us an umbrella. Maybe we were so pitiful to look at that they worry about us. We really appreciated their concern and help.

Thank you for being so kind to us. God bless you more 🙂

Our ferry ride despite the rain was smoothly sailing.

We arrived in HK with the heavy rains upon us and after our long and lost and found journey.

Click here: HK Arrival Vlog 🙂

The hotel check in would be 6pm so to cure the boredom we have decided to visit the HONGKONG SCIENCE MUSEUM. 20 dollars was worth it. I would have to admit that I’m not a Science lover but the museum was so informative and motivational. So COOL! and AWESOME! Seriously!

Click here: Into the Science Museum in HK 🙂



19 Oct 2016

The rain was still falling hard that day and yet the rain cannot stop us. We rode the bus and have our train ride to The Peak.


We bought a ticket for the Wax Museum: Madame Tussauds.

Before entering the Museum, we filled our empty stomaches with Chinese food (included in the coupon for the museum).

And as we entered the museum, we were really speechless! JUST WOOOOW! and TRULY AMAZING.

Click here: Wax Museum Part 1 🙂

We spent 5 hours in the museum and still can’t get enough of it. We arrived at HK central past 10pm and did a stroll at the Mongkong Night Market where we had a funny encounter with the saleswoman. It was so difficult  to narrate the details here but everytime I remembered it, can’t help but laugh out loud.

Click here: Wax Museum Part 2 😉

The weather was calm that night that we went back to the hostel past midnight.


20 Oct 2016

This was the only day when the weather was fair  (Typhoon signal No.1  was hoisted) but still foggy (atleast it didn’t rain, not yet.)


We went to the Lantau Island and rode the 360 Cable Car to Ngong Ping Village.

We also climbed the 268 steps to reach the Big Buddha.

Click here: Ngong Ping Village Vlog 🙂

When we get back to HK Central, we rushed to the Ferry Terminal to book a ticket to Macau on the said night because of the typhoon entering HK the next day. We were able to get an Economy class ferry ride.



We arrived past 9pm in Macau and availed the free shuttle bus of the Parisian Macao.

The Parisian Macao was so GRAND. MACAU IS WOW!

The closest replica to the Eiffel tower in Paris, THE PARISIAN MACAO.

We spent 1 hour for picture taking and walked around Macao since the hotels are nearby.

We decided to spent the night at The Venetian Macao. We drank coffee at Starbucks, roam around the hotel and wait until morning so it would not be dangerous to proceed to the airport.

My travel buddy in this journey, Queensyl 🙂

Click here: WOW MACAO Vlog 🙂

21 Oct 2016

Our flight for Manila was on the evening. We have decided to stay in the airport the whole day, afraid our flight will be delayed due to Typhoon. Luckily, we arrived in Macau earlier that night because HK was lock down due to Typhoon Signal No.8. Even in Macau that day, there was no work in any establishments and it was really foggy.

We arrived in Manila safe and sound. Praise God.

I started to hate the thing I always love- The rain but God is always in control and we just have to trust in HIM.

I would have to admit that my travel expectation wasn’t met but we have to look at the brighter things in life. God did not leave us despite everything and when you look at the other side of life, atleast I have experienced a typhoon out of the country. Let’s charge it to experience.




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