Letterary #11

Dear YOU,

Those times we were together,even for a short while, surely it’s one of the best the world can offer.

Last night, I wanted to talk to you about some things that I was amazed with. The situation was so cute I don’t know how you would take it. But I didn’t get a chance since you were out of reach or probably tired of the world, of me. Nevertheless, I wanted to share that I saw the guy I adored so much way back then,w ay back four ,years ago. I came into a realization that flashback do exist but you get to a point where it does not bother you anymore. Beautiful memories that will stay as memories, of the past; the past that made me who I am today. The one who learned a lot and who became stronger. I wanted to know your insights or if you feel the same way when you talked about your past. The feeling of indifference that would confirm that you’re good to go and that you’ve really moved on.

I miss you. Never forget me. xx


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