Taste of Paradise

I’m always a fan of exploring nature and its raw beauty. I got a taste of paradise one weekend with a gypsy like me. 

I know myself better now that I know when to get a break from reality. After three cancelled plans, finally I got plan D on my back.

When you badly want something, the universe will surely conspire for you. There were no delays or weather problems. God is with us all the time. The only aftermath we had to deal with was sunburns. A remembrance of a truly amazing weekend trip.

I want to get sunburnt and lost and find my way so that and the end of the day, I can tell you how wonderful being lost really is because it means you get to find your way back.


The long weekend awaits for us so we have decided to explore the beautiful province of Davao Oriental in the municipality of Baganga since we have received positive feedbacks on their eco-tourism.

Campawan Curtain Falls

I fell like an apple from a tree when Newton discovered gravity.


Baganga Sunrise Boulevard

A beautiful aftermath of Typhoon Pablo


Lake Carolina

When mother nature unravel its beauty, thus the lake.


Balite Hot Spring

Free your worries, release the stress, take comfort in here.


San Victor Island

When it’s time for you to break free, you find solace in this beautiful island. A taste of this paradise will make you forget why, in the first place, you needed a break. And more than that, you crave for more nature experience and of course the SEA, the SEA that will always set you FREE.



Baganga, Davao Oriental was one of the most devastated places of the Typhoon Pablo. The place was an example that there is always hope and that the past will make us stronger. For more details about out weekend trip, feel free to visit THE SWEET ESCAPE post of my gypsy friend.

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. – Ibn Battuta


As the sun sets, I crave for more travels and adventures.

Watch my created Vlog about this on youtube : Vlog 9  🙂



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