A letter to myself

Dear Self,

“Late afternoon breeze brushed through my hair as I was walking in this familiar road I have taken a year ago. I miss him. His bittersweet memories that still lingers in my mind. His name that was etched in my heart. And I realized he was never gone. He has always been with me, here in my heart.”- Days of August

Five years have passed by so fast and you still love August. You are still into the idea that something good happens in August. I salute you for that and for years now August never failed you. Maybe it’s not only the month but also the belief of being positive about it, that once a year you look forward to a certain month that will never let you down.

August is the perfect time for everything. And with everything I do hope that it’s the perfect time to love again, hopefully with God’s perfect timing and blessing.

With so much love,



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