Letterary #7

Dear YOU,

“I’m not sure if you feel the same way or if it’s only a matter of time before you forget about me but I’m sure I will remember you forever. I’m sure that I will never forget you and I’m sure that no matter where I am, I still think of you and smile.”

Do you still remember the time I told you that I will run away from the world before the world will come and get me? You wondered where I have been and you have no idea at all. I shut down my phone and all manner of communication from everyone. There was too much for me to bear. Little do you know that I only read a whole book the whole day and night in some place where I can be alone with myself. I cannot give you a photo as evidence because I don’t have one. And I cannot explain myself pretty well so I just said that it was ME time since you weren’t available to accompany me. I understood you anyway. I even appreciated those text messages you sent me without my replies.

I have realized, after my journey, that I can still run away from the world but I can’t run away from you. I have no choice (haha). Kidding aside, I cannot run away from you because at the end of the day, despite everything, I still have you. You got me and I got you. I feel valued knowing that there is someone who stick with me no matter how crazy I am; despite my paranoia and overthinking, I still find myself glued to you. (glued-for a lack of better term). I hope you feel the same way too.

I am not that good with verbal expressions. I have my words with me but even with words, I cannot , for the life of me, say it when necessary. I stutter and I’m not used with mushy stuff anymore. So I write these letters for you so that one day, you’d be able to know that I considered you one of the most important persons in my life and I am so thankful to God that I have you.




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