Letterary #2

Dear YOU,

I’m not quite sure how I feel today. It’s like I’m doing fine and not. Mixed emotions I guess. I preferred to stay silent the whole day but I’m not mad at you. I just want to know what would you feel even if I could predict that you don’t actually care at all. You’re busy as always. Maybe time will always keep as apart. It’s sad I know. In my case, despite being busy I still think of you in a minute or two.

My head aches badly but you know for a fact that it takes a question for you to know how I feel physically and what not. I’m not used to sharing things instantly. I always wonder how you are today and everyday.

This letter is written because at 5:52 in the evening I am still at work and feeling anxious because I’ve got to take an examination tomorrow. A very short notice that I didn’t see coming. For sure, lack of sleep and nervousness will come visit me tonight. I hope that you’d give a call for comfort even if I would not tell you about tomorrow.

Heavy sigh and I want to cry. I miss you. xx


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