Letterary #1

Dear YOU,

I would like to believe that you’re someone I don’t know. We would be laughing of the thought.I know you but I’m not very sure that you know that you’re the YOU I am referring to. Thus, the idea of this letter.

Four years ago and years before that, I was such a fan of writing letters. Then four years later, I write to only let go of any emotional pain I was dealing with. But this time, this is the first time after long years, that I decided to write again. Of course not to let go of anyone but with a hope that one day, if time favours us, you’ll be reading this one in a cottage house by the sea and with me beside you. Such a romantic thought while I’m dealing with a physical pain due to toothache.

I have learned not to express any emotions in an act of impulse, fear of being misinterpreted and misunderstood. I have to bid my time. And slowly I have learned that time takes time.

This letter will be a start for me to express any unexpected and expected feelings towards you. When I say feelings, it is more on general thought than specific. However, I will try my very best not to express negative feelings so as not to ruin this idea of a perfectly happy and positive letter.

So much for the introduction, I wonder what you are doing right now. I know you’re busy as bee as usual. The idea of “busy” will always be a hanging argument for me. But of course, charge it to my immaturity that I will never understand (haha). How can someone be possibly busy while from time to time, you can have a chance to go OL. Anyway, IMO only. I just thirst for undivided attention. But really, I perfectly understand you. I just don’t want to.(haha)

I know. I know. You are not the letter person. In fact, many things would describe us as exact opposite. I don’t care. I’m not even sure if you can ever have the chance to read this. BUT please, if fat chance you’ll be able to read this as early as now or this month, don’t mention it to me or I will surely stop. Insert shy face in here. I’m not even sure about the reason for starting writing this letter. I just knew that I have to write. For you. For me. For us.

There are many things I will have to share to you. About my day, my thoughts, fears and dreams but sometimes, time takes me into abyss, making me forget everything and we enjoyed dead air lately.

At the back of my mind, I know that we have a lifetime to share it with. That I am very certain of. God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.

If I write all the things I wanted to say, then there would be no chance for other letters for you. So until such time that I pick up my thoughts and composure, I will write to you again.

I just want you to know that I am blessed having you around. This letter may not be able to express its real meaning but you have me. That’s enough I guess. See YOU. xx




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