The only verse that has always been with me is John 3:16. I may not always live with it but I know I always love God since I come to know him. I grew up in a Christian school in elementary and got used with memorizing verses (the higher the grade level, the longer the scripture) and I have always received during recognition, a gold medal with a Bible image engraved with it, for being an outstanding student in memory verses. Every Wednesday, we also had a chapel time where we spent listening to Bible stories.

As I grew up, I have managed to live a good life; thanks to those Scriptures. So much for my history, here is a continuation: when I entered high school, the world turned upside down. I have learned different things and reality is getting closer. My love for God never changes though. Even amidst the trials in my family, I always know that God will always be there for me.

The book Love is BLOG is really soulful for me ( I’m not even sure if the term “soulful” exist.) I mean another term for “full of soul.” There are things in the book that I have known already but there are also lots of things I have learned. And as I read further, I was filled with AWE by how this writer put into words (creatively) the language of love which is rooted in God.

TWO THUMBS UP for the WRITER. Dr. Eamer  🙂

I have made few wrong turns especially in love but I am happier now that I arrived in such state in which I have conquered my emotional instability; not that my emotion are already stable but I have learned to manage it along the way. It is fleeting anyway.


Technical Aspect of the Book and the Author:

  • Starting the page at 143 is so creative   🙂
  • Even the phrase ‘foreword by the future wife”
  • How the story unfolds is perfect I would say
  • The author is a naturally born writer (like me, HAHAHA)
  • Wonderfully made: Psalm 139:14  🙂

Citing verses from the Bible

  • It fits perfectly (walang labis, walang kulang.)
  • I appreciate how the author did not write it like a spiritual book or in a way of self-help books but for me, it is a book of reflection.


  • I was able to reflect and in a same way I got inspired to write more and reject the thought of writer’s block mode ( I tend to get lazy sometimes that I let an idea passed me by.)
  • We have our own style of writing and expressing our thoughts but I thank the author for having this book as an inspiration not only to me but also to the world. We have to give back to the world for we owe it what God has blessed us- the talent in writing.


  • As what I’ve said earlier, this is a book of reflection. I have come to understand more what elementary years taught me about the life of God and I live up to God’s teaching, how I tried not to fail him. We’re only humans as they say but it’s not reasonable to sin because we’re just humans. We all make mistakes but we have to accept and repent for it.


  • Like the story of Hannah and Pep, it is a story wonderfully written and I know it is one of the best love stories God ever made. We don’t have to rush things. “We don’t fall in love when we’re lonely; we fall in love when we’re ready.” ❤

Inspirational Story of Time and Love

  • Honestly, it is my first time to read about it though I’ve read similar stories. I really love it. How perfect time begets perfect love. Actually I’ m a fan of tragic stories and those are my genres but with the story of time and love, it motivates me to wrote a story not in a tragic way.

Vows of Pep and Hannah

  • What can I say? I was speechless and a bit teary-eyed. My wedding vow has already been written (How dare the author out into writing the thoughts I have in mind for my personalized vow in the enar future? Hahahha)
  • OTWOL was fantastic but the vow in this book was _____ ( I can’t put into words the best description.
  • I just found myself teary eyed. Ugh.  🙂
  • The story is not just a fantasy but a reality if we just believe that it will happen. A fairy tale in reality is overwhelming.

                LOVE IS BLOG. Indeed, it all boils down to one thing, believing in the love of God. If we love God, we know how to love ourselves and in the same way, give the love we have to others in any forms of gratitude and good works.

Down memory lane, I was just a kid who used to recite memory verses I never understand. Not until I’ve grown into who I am today. I have found the love I deserve I have, the love of God.   🙂

PS | If you want to order Doctor Eamer’s book, contact him at


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