Ode to the Open Sea ⚓

My call and my plea
Take care of my love
As he sails to thee.

For things I cannot write
I have to give him up without a fight.

He said: ” I deserve someone better.”
To my mind: “Who is better to be deserved?”

He liked me and he loves you
There is nothing I can do.

This sheet cannot be burned
But my ink will be drowned.

I will throw you a message in a bottle.
Will you let him read when he’s sober ?

I write to thee with a sad smile.
I was happy with him for a while.

He’ll always be happier with you.
So please love him too.

All the strangers I have met
To him I never made a bet.

A love letter for him was torn
When tears began flooding like storm.

My wounds were convicted.
I know my pain was self inflicted.

I will sing him another song
But he will never hear it.

I will write him another poem
But he can never read it.

I will play him my flute
But he can never witness it.

I will think of him in a day or two
But he will never know it.

I will speak of him.
I will wish him well.
I will pray for his happiness.
For old time sake.
All for the last time.

My love, my other soul, my star crossed,
Bon Voyage!
Sail away and far away from me.
Sail to thee.
I have loved you enough.
The sea shall set me free.



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