Hello Stranger 😁

I first saw him at the bus terminal. I told myself, here was a guy who is so proud of himself and yet so unsure about life. We were sitting in the same lane while waiting for the bus going north.

Twas weekend and I wanted to escape reality. I decided to go on a trip. I did not know he was up for an adventure until we were riding on the same bus, seats next to each other.

I was on the window side, my favorite place but I cannot talk to myself like I always do when I am travelling alone. It was also the first time the seat next to mine was occupied.

He was the silent type while I’m much of a talker. Since it was a long ride, with my thick face, I introduced myself.

“Hi, I’m Drew.” He half-smiled but it was the cutest I have seen in my life.

“What’s your name?” I added.

“Nathan.” He replied never wanting to continue the conversation.

Unlike the ordinary introduction, we never shook hands.

I tried to keep my pace and listen to the songs in my playlist. I noticed that he fell asleep right through my shoulder. I laughed at my mind. He was better looking asleep. He looked rather more cute than when he is awake with a strict face.

When the ride got bumpy, he woke up feeling ashamed sleeping on my shoulder.


“Nah, that’s okay.” I said.

He half smiled again.

He was not my type. He was tall, dark and not my vibe. But he has a smart face and intrigued me. A lot. I just can’t seem to find smart looking man these days.

I tried talking again amd made a joke that he has got to listen to me in exchange of falling asleep. He nodded.

Like ordinary guys, he was a man of few words but I am not a woman with few words.

I asked him where he’s headed but he has no definite plans so I invited him in my adventure. I wanted to explore a newly discovered falls. I am a nature lover and loves adventure.

The biggest shock of my life happened when he nodded. It was meant to be a joke and just for the sake of conversation but he agreed and I could not take back the words I said.

“Why are you up to some adventure this weekend, if you dont mind my question?” He asked me all of a sudden.

Caught with mouth’s open, I hid my shame with a smile and said:

“As clichè it may seem, I am nursing a broken heart or to lessen the pain, a busted ego.”

That’s where our conversation started and for the first time, I had a good talk with him along with our ride. I have known that he has no stories about love and relationship. He led a boring life.

I told him many stories about my shattered dreams and dreams to live on with the future, about half of my life stories, how I hated the world for being so fair being unfair to all,about love’s lost and love’ rebirth in its new form.

As our conversation went on, we talked about soulmates. About two people who just knew each other but it seemed like they’ve known each other for  lifetime. He agreed to it and shared his views. With his limited words for he cannot express himself that well, we have agreed on some terms about soulmates.

And with my wild imagination, I looked at him and imagined a soulmate of a lifetime. Who knows? Only God knows. That’s what I thought.

We continued talking until we reached our destination.
I was meant to stay in the place for a night so the first thing we did was to get a hotel reservation. We got a room with separate beds.

We had dinner afterwards and enjoyed the fireplace in our room. We talked about a lot of things before we decided to sleep since the next day will be a long day.

When I woke up the next morning, I was becoming more sure that its going to be a wonderful day.

Indeed when we reached the falls I have wanted to see, it was such a lovely place to behold.

I saw how the water fell from above. Falling waters had never been that good of a sight.


Late afternoon when it was time to go home he told me he was staying for another day. I never asked for the reason. I do not want to pry.

He was gentlemanly enough to come with me at the bus terminal. When I was about to go, we hugged each other. It was a tight hug. Then I head home.

I was alone again in the bus ride for the seat remained unoccupied until I reached home. There was a feeling of loneliness in me that I had it with me for a few days.

There was emptiness and longing more than I felt when I got my ego busted, the one I was talking about with him. I even felt that my soul has been taken away far from me, with memories of one yesterday.

I was feeling bad about it but have decided to pick up my composure later on.

Sometimes, I thought of him, of how he has made me feel or wonder if I ever crossed his mind in a day or too.

Later that evening I remembered that there was one thing I have never told him about soulmates. Soulmates are star-crossed. And maybe, just maybe, we are too.

I would like to believe we are not but I know time can only tell. I could not hope for more. I only have his name, an ample of memories, the feeling of his head on my shoulder when he fell asleep, the one tight hug and of course, I could never forget such memory of a half-smile.

Yes, he was a stranger. But I left him half of my heart.


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