An Open Letter To The Ones Who Are Lucky In Love, From The Broken Ones

Love still works if not for me atleast for others. Nice article. 😉

Thought Catalog


Thank you. Thank you for making me believe that there will be someone out there who will buy me coffee for the wrong reasons at the right time. Thank you for convincing me that unconditional love exists and that it will heal all my wounds without any desperate effort, one hug at a time.

If you don’t know me, I am that girl in Star Wars leggings and huge tortoise glasses, trying hard to not look decent so that I look like I am not interested or too busy to have anyone in my life. I am the girl who rushes across the street, to make sure I do not photobomb any of your wedding pictures. I am that girl who has envy and appreciation in her eyes at the same time whenever she sees a happy couple. I am that girl who had her heart broken by a…

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