Rendezvous in the Dark

That night you needed my company.
I indulge you.
Because I am with the same need.
You poured your heart to me.
I acted like a stone.
It was an opportunity for you because
I made sense, you said so.
I have let you lean on my shoulder
Smell the scent of my skin
You held my hand like
I was the one you needed.
You almost cried in pain.
I remained stiff.
I pitied you.
I let you hold me
For hours until you fell asleep.
You were so sad
So empty
I remembered me.
The time when I did the same.
No one was there.
I know how it feels.
You haven’t been there
But you can feel it.
Questions unanswered.

But that night,
On a dark carpark
We stayed in your car
I looked for the stars
I glanced at you.
I saw my self.
Yes, you never shared your story.
But you have shared your heart. 7/10

*For someone who hardly knows what to exactly feel in times of dilemma, who hasn’t mastered the stages of grief. You will move on. In time, the sun will shine again for you and you shall have to give me that real smile with no pain in the inside. 🙂


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