I always say “he was the bestest and wonderfullest thing that has ever happened to me.” But I have to admit I was wrong because it was just good until it lasted.

Now what can I say about a guy that I have learned to love so completely I almost lost myself when we parted? I used to call him in a different name since I disliked his’. We had a whirlwind romance for quite some time, enough to learn how to love and fall for his charms and enough to leave me broken and shattered into pieces.

It wasn’t easy picking up the pieces with your hands bleeding. I had a hard time moving on and letting go. It took me almost forever to have found the courage to accept such loss. But I did it anyway.

Like an emancipated butterfly, I have set myself free of the bondages of yesterday.

I lived my life again after him but I became jaded. I promised myself not to fall in love again. I was able to shield myself from that emotion. I was doing fine keeping the promise to myself until someone came along and the rest was cliché and history.

One ordinary night, when I was so preoccupied with myself of all the studies and stuff, I went to a fast food chain and stayed there for couple of hours. Then someone really special kept me company.Upon deciding to go home, when we were about to come to the exit doors, I saw him.

After years of waiting and hoping to see him again, not to rekindle old flame but to validate the authenticity of having moved on and let go, there he was. Like an old friend, I smiled and said hi. I doubted myself before that I was even surprised that I did not feel an odd skip of my heart, sparks and electricity were nowhere to be found.

And like any other stories, I moved forward reaching the exit and like what happened to us, we moved on with our lives. I bet he’s happy now. And so am I.

Finally after long years, I feel so free. I feel that I have my heart back so completely. And maybe it’s high time to give love a chance, one last is never too late or never too bad I guess. I’ll be able to start anew. It was the only closure I’ve waited, to see him again. I’ll take it as a sign that he has returned the heart I gave him a long time ago. It’s back.

With my new heart, I glanced at someone with me at that moment and I just knew, my heart has found its mate. 6/19



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