My First Travelogue~


SG changed my perspective in life, and unexpectedly on love.

When I got back, I’ve seen things differently. I see the world again but not in black and white but of colors of the rainbow.

I’m young and I have got to see the world; experience and learn new things. I will conquer the world.

These were some rants I told myself in the previous years. Since then, when I was still a child, I’ve longed to see the world and that would mean travelling across borders of every nation, cross cultural communication and understanding how wonderful it is to live. And that’s how I define life, see the world.

This is my first travelogue. I visited few places within the Philippines but visiting another country is another story. It is one of a kind experience. I could only give the benefit of the doubt until I proved it all right.


*Actually the first and last days are for travel time.

The estimated time of arrival was 11:55 am but exactly midnight, the plane landed at the Singapore Changi airport terminal 2. It was one of the busiest airport in the world. For me, it is a grand airport because I cannot compare it to others yet except the Philippines. The floor was carpeted; it was like a grand mall itself and a very convenient for tourists/visitors. For a first time traveler and to take note, I went there solo. Like seriously a solo flight since my friend came all the way from Cebu.


A very fine city indeed! What more can I say? It almost has it all.

The beauty of skyscrapers, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, the system of transportation, the respect to the elders and of course the Universal Studios- Superb!

I shall return.



A replica of Cebu City!

The uncleaned surroundings and the language barrier, the exotic and strange food.

However, the 272 steps, my own version of Stairway to Heaven, of Batu Caves was delightful.

And of course, the magical romantic effect of the twin towers, you’d wish you’d brought yourself a boyfriend or some kind of that.




This was the best thing that happened to my short trip out of the country. It was the last day in SG but the most awaited one. Since we’re kinda bit lost, we followed some people towards their way to Sentosa Boardwalk and walked like a hundred kilometers for me when in fact there was an express ride to get to USS. The walk is worth it though. We’ve got to take more pictures and smiled at the scorching heat of the sun.


I could not describe any further than those heart stopping rides we took. First we entered The Madagascar and really before entering the cave, you’ve got to endure the 30 min or more falling in line. As first timers, we were amazed. The next was the mini-roller coaster ride at the Far Away Land proceeded by the 3d Animation of Shrek and Fiona’s love story. The presentation was great actually.  We moved on to Jurassic Park, had a look at Puss and Boots Castle. Then another Dragon Fly Roller coaster ride which I really enjoyed. I was surprised by the idea that I liked the adrenaline rush inside me.




We went to Egypt and saw the Mummy Returns. We had the chance to take a picture of a real some kind of knight of the mummy in the museum. He was so tall with big muscles that we had fun when he grabbed my neck while having the pictures. Then there comes the Accelerator ride where we get to relax because it was just like spinning around but it was fine.




Then there came the Transformers. We fell hardly in a long heavy line with the thought that we might not actually end up what we expected it to be. Finally, the EVAC 3d ride was awesome. Really awesome. You’d feel like Spiderman in those tall buildings being pushed away and stuff like that. Plus you get the chance to fight Megatron (I’m not really sure of the Enemy’s name, not a fan)


And oh we toured the Hollywood street, stopped by at my most favorite coffee shop in the world, Starbucks, decided to bought a tumbler instead of purchasing a  bag with the same price, 20 sgd. I got a free drink and I loved it. Their store was what can I say about it? Amazing ! with those scribbles and stuff, the experience was great.

IMG_20150531_151430 IMG_20150531_161122

We busied ourselves visiting different stores especially the Universal Studios store. I was amazed with the fact that we got to take unlimited pictures even inside those stores. It’s more fun in SG I could say.


Save the best for last and so The Revenge of the Mummy was!

While we were falling in line, we got to see the different artifacts in the ancient times, like how it was when way back when. It was also too late for us to notice that we’re heading to a roller coaster ride and that warning signs told us to expect tilting, dropping and the likes. It was a horrifying ride with the mummy threatening you. OMG! They pushed you forward, up side down and then backward and all the roller coaster ride in a very dark place. All the worries really were gone to waste. Perfectly erased. It was the best ride of my life.

USS adventure did not end there. We headed to Sentosa City and experience the Sky ride and of course the Luge. It was a blast too!

IMG_20150531_184040 IMG_20150531_184125 IMG_20150531_184405 IMG_20150531_185057

Over all, we had a lot of fun and excitement. Surely, I’ll be back there someday. Soon.

Sometimes, I still miss my SG adventure especially at the USS but I have to get a life. Save for the next travel and just don’t get stuck on the same road. Life is full of surprises and it is up for us to unravel it.

IMG_20150531_230255 IMG_20150531_230324 IMG_20150531_234035 IMG_20150531_235037

Furthermore, here are some of the Travel tips (not in any particular order):

1. Research

It’s good and really helpful to do some home works before visiting a certain place. Read about every significant details, culture, of that particular country. The more you read about it, about them, the less shock you get.

2. Save enough

When you get there, you’d never know what to expect. Stick with your plans. No more, no less. Spend for necessity, spend for pleasure; just make sure you’ll still have  a dollar left when you get home.

3. Get a map

When you arrive or before you get there, get yourself one. Google map will do but having a hard copy’s not bad at all. It will be more comfortable unless you are directionally challenged.

4. Bring CAMERAs

The memories you’ve experienced in a place will be treasured using such. Take a lot of photos. Smile. Say Cheese. Live life to the fullest!

5. Always have your PASSPORT with you.

It is very important when you are out of the country. You might not know you’ll be needing it even when buying a single thing. So keep it a company.

6. Ask questions w/o hesitations

There is no harm in doing it. It might help or save you.

7. Being LOST is sometimes a BREAKTHROUGH

It’s a usual thing in a foreign land. But fear not, it might lead you to wonderful places more than you expect it to be.

8. Take a Selfie

Pause. Take a Selfie. Upload in SNS to keep your friends and haters/bashers updated.

9. Do not worry

Don’t even take a single time to worry about tomorrow or extra baggage. Remember you’re there to unwind. So chill, keep calm,

10. Be thankful.

Always appreciate how beautiful life is and be thankful that you are given an opportunity to see its beauty. There’s always more to it. Discover life.

My short but meaningful trip helped me a lot personally. I have finally let go of what’s holding me back and of course I have a straight mind set of moving forward. I am even welcome to expect a new and great adventure anytime soon, with someone I love.

IMG_1916 IMG_1938 IMG_1941 IMG_1961 IMG_2039 IMG_2051 IMG_2054 IMG_2220



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