19 Signs You’ve Finally Rid Yourself Of Dramatic Relationships

Ex is an ex ~

Thought Catalog

alexandraleary alexandraleary

1. You’re done with the not-so-refined art of text fighting because you no longer have the time to engage in petty arguments, especially with someone who still writes, “see you later” as “c u later.”

2. You aren’t still trying to be friends with your ex. You’ve accepted that chasing down a friendship with someone you used to love is futile because an ex is an ex for a reason.

3. You no longer feel the need to hang out with people you used to know just because they’re in town. You appreciate it if a high school acquaintance or a friend from study abroad reaches out, but if you can’t make it to see them, you won’t beat yourself up over it. You’re separating the “should” friendships from the friendships you actually want to be in.

4. You’ve accepted that you can’t stay friends with every single person…

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