For the first time, you never was a comparison among others. You do not remind me of someone and that makes you unique. I will never see you as another guy. It’s just you. You’re just you and no one else.

This is my first time writing about you. (I just can’t say the last time also.)

Like any other, no one would pass by you without taking a glance. You are the silent eye catcher type. But you’re very young and so innocent that you do not take notice about this admiration many would try to offer you.

The innocence and naivety in you add up to the charm you never know you have or you haven’t been aware. It’s in you. I just hope you would stay that way forever but I know too, you will not.

You would soon grow up into a very fine young man. So fine you’d break a lot of hearts. Trust me if I say that and you’d probably remember me when that day comes.

I adore you but I, above all, look to you as the little brother I never had. Put that in mind sweet.

It is in the way you smile at things you did not clearly understand, the half smiles and your half laughter and the way you stare (like to everyone) that made me adore you in so many ways

Admiration suits me or shall I say adoring you suits me just well. I feel young (though I am still), a little younger I guess, I shall have to thank you for that. It is your love for Science and Mathematics (subjects I hate) amaze me too. I salute you for that.

You have a long way ahead of you but I know you can achieve whatever dreams you have right now.

Even if I know that I can love you in its real sense (like more than a brother and friend) but I will never try to.

You are someone a way beyond my league but you are someone I would  like to treasure forever. You are someone I want to keep in my heart with pure bliss.

PS| You look to me as an older sister- a pretty one of course- and trust me I will forever be.


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