“Sometimes life will allow people to come in our lives just to teach us how to let go.” Jourdane Erasquin

Their journey started in a Campus Writers Guild Convention. And the most wonderful thing was that it also ended there in a very good way.

There was not a feeling of nostalgia when she saw him. It has been a while and she has moved on a long way. All the pains of yesterdays were left in the past.

She saw it coming but she never thought that it would be that smoothly sailing. She waited for that day to come. Finally.

There was no need for words being spoken even about the past or present. What matters most is that you chose to remain friends.

At one point in our life, we met someone we thought it is okay to fall in love with. We succumb to the feeling because we think it was special. Then one day you wake up realizing that you have been such a fool in making yourself believe that it will be going to work out just fine.

You got hurt. Mourn. Bleed- in silent. The next day, you’d find yourself smiling how stupid you have been.

You just realize you have to let go. You set him free and you free yourself for everything that hurt.

Then we rebuilt the friendship maintaining the boarderline. You shall never cross that line again. You know already what’s going to happen.

You start again.

They have started again.

Purely friendship.

Clean slate.


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