It took me forever

Writing a single word

But it took me one word

For my walls to crumble

Simple as that

I thought I cannot

But I did.

Haven’t I ?

I’m tired with this game

I’m not gonna win

I won’t try harder.

I’ve done enough.

I want a cake

Slice of it will do.

Comfort me with sweets

My sweet tooth

Will likely to agree.

Random thought in my favor

The rain has stopped.

I thought it would be forever.

I hope tomorrow

Would be better.

Fulfill my dreams

Chasing them

Sweet sorrow

It is like ?

Is it right?

I’m counting the words

Lame words to compose

No idea what it is

How I am supposed to feel

The silence is deafening.

A shout is what I need

I have to wake up

From this bad dream.

With pillows in my head

Teddy bear on my side

Will I be comfortable with it?

I guess not.

I shall rather sleep,

Than worry in vain.


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