Just another ABC poem :)

A poem I don’t know you’ll like

But at least I give it a try.

Can’t find the right words but

Despite everything, I hope this makes you smile.

Even if this is just a simple poem

For me this is kinda special

God has sent not an angel –YOU 😛

He sent me a company

I found the best friend in you (eh? HAHHA)

Just bear with my mood swing and

Know that it’s pretty normal.

Love me, like me or hate me

Much better if you’ll fight with me

Not the ordinary things I know

Of course, you can do better than that

Praying for this friendship to work,

Questions are too many

Reasons are not really scary. (rhyme hahha)

Sort of a series or a horror movie. (huh ?)

This shall be my goodnight to you

Unusual this shall be- I know

Voyage of a deep slumber I could only wish

With matching –xoxo- just for you.

X-ray my mind- a waste of time.

You’re already the voice inside my head (kanta ni xa !)

Zoom it in, I’m missing you the same.


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