Why it’s hard to let go ?

I stumbled into this question while I was drinking coffee in my favorite cafe. I paused and for a second, I thought of the possible answers not just for myself but for everyone as a whole.

People oftentimes can’t easily let go for the mere reason that they are afraid to start again; that when they let go, they’ll start from scratch. The stage of letting go is not easy too. You’ll have to endure the pain to make yourself whole again. Others cannot survive but for those who did, surely they have scars left and right. Scars which are invisible to the eyes because it’s buried in the insides.

One worst thing of letting go is that you have to break your heart a million times, cry rivers when you’re alone, pretend you’re happy when you’re not, fake a smile and all that stuff. You need a lot of strength to perform your act, the act of pretending because its the only way to show that you’re strong enough to handle the situation. You feel like floating…

You have no idea what lies ahead but you have to keep going because this is life. Life happened they said so. You have to keep moving forward even when you’re afraid to. You can’t fully embrace the brighter future that awaits you because you keep on taking a glimpse of the past who never saw your worth. But that’s part of letting go, it’s a struggle. A long journey but surely, it will always be worth the risk.

Love comes, love goes. Love, like life, doesn’t play fair. You win some, you lose some; either way, your heart will never be the same again.


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