Those sweetest but long been weary eyes,

Speak for my pain and never tell lies,

I’ve been trapped by a grayscale of sadness,

RARE to think in a life of a princess.


Spreading my arms gladly, I must be,

There is more than black and white, I’ll see.

Step out from shadows and find a light

Happiness forever longed for my true sight.


Dance with yellow, play with red,

Nap with happy thoughts under my bed.

Cover those aches with blue and green,

Show them the smile that they’ve never seen.


Sing like birds with wings filled with orange,

Laugh at my voice worser than my problems,

Bloom pink like a cherry blossom tree,

And be the most there is, there was or there ever will be.


I cried a river and fell on my knees,

But I can stand and fly like butterflies and bees,

Wearing vibrance that astonishes everybody,

Like every princess in a happy ending story.


ps| This was written for me and I have to change it to first person. This poem always makes me well. I remember that it hurts and upon reading this I know I will be well, in time.




      1. Why do I have to repeat this over and over again? hahaha I missed the poem nga! I stopped writing. 2 years ago.

  1. No one’s worthy to be given a poem anymore. That’s good. Keep it up and lemme read it! 😀

  2. Raindrops and Memories

    The raindrops took turns
    On peeking at my window pane
    While I deemed for the words
    I don’t want to fall in vain.

    I found you early in November
    I lost you on that same day,
    A single word, you never did utter,
    You gradually walked away.

    It was many hours later
    I remeber the poems back then That used to bind us together,
    I longed to savor them again.

    The space, the inks, the pages,
    Over time they dwindle
    But the thoughts, the rhymes, word choices,
    The mem’ries, they rekindle.

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