A different ABC poem- this will be

Because this is written with such abhorrence.

Can’t seem to escape the anger

Deep within, it’s getting fiercer.

Even too much time had passed,

Faces of dark lies are mirrored

Gauge for self-destruction.

How helpless and pathetic can I be?

I believed in such stupidity.

Just to experience a little happiness,

Knowing I’ll forever swim in the ocean of sadness.

Love has dealt me a bitter blow!

Made me doubtful in any ways.

Nothing can ever cure this curse in me

Only if I can forgive myself entirely.

Painful journey I have travelled.

Quest that I have never conquered.

Rare moments I cannot treasure forever

So much pain I cannot bear.

Tear me apart, will someone care?

Under the gray skies, I screamed!

Vengeance! It isn’t mine to begin.

Wandered too far, I fell damn hard.

X-ray my heart,

You’ll see it’s hardly breathing.

Zoom it in, it was never whole again.




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