TWO years and COUNTING ~_~

| this entry is not edited, just bear with it . ON THE SPOT REFLECTION |

It was the most awaited day of the year, of my lifetime. It wasn’t my birthday nor my wedding day. The April’s sun shining so bright, rays blurred my vision but it never was a hindrance of the radiant smile that was plastered on my face.

My heart was filled with love and so much happiness. Of course, I look good, not just good but gorgeous. It was one of the rare times that I put some make up on. As expected, I look wonderful and really good.

Who would expect that after all the ups and downs, that day will come to me; that I will be part on that very day of success. It was my GRADUATION DAY!

A day wherein I tasted the ripe fruits of my laborious journey in college. The fruit tasted sweet when it was once bitter. Finally !

I looked proud wearing my black toga. It took determination and perseverance not to give up the fight until I could end up seeing my name in the graduating list.

I wasn’t a full time student because I was a student journalist. However, I never regret every time spent in the publication. It has become my second home, my second family.

The publication, The Collegiate Headlight, has taught me lessons I could never learn in the four corners of the classroom. It made me see reality and changed my perspective on things.

Way back then, I could say that I’m not the role-model-student type. Yes, I had my assignments, reports, etc. but I have enjoyed my student life; the cramming, the cheating arrangements, criticizing not-so-good teachers and the likes.I had my fair share of mischief. Given the chance, i would do it just the same.

A graduate with not-so-flying-colors (HAHA) was a bonus that I’m forever grateful to the Almighty. Two years passed by so fast and here I am, still in the verge of knowing and not knowing which path to take, of what I really want in life. Life has taught me lessons the hardest way. Still, I keep on fighting until the end.

Indeed, graduation is not a day in which I have safely arrived but a day in which I had to begin the first step.

In every challenge, we have to take some risks. Life does not look back. We have to get going. Life was never easy. It never will be. In my case, I don’t have time for regrets because the choices have been made. I even have faced the consequences of it. What’s done can’t be undone, they say. Yet, it’s not the end of the world; it’s the beginning of understanding that better opportunity comes to  those who patiently waits.

Despite the bumps in the road, make sure to look straight ahead. A bright future awaits tot hose who endure the pain.





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