Façade of the Memoirs

Empty page like empty heart,

Tell me to continue,

Tell me to stop

The longing paralyzed my existence.


We had so much fun

Tell me to forget

Tell me to reminisce

The memories keep haunting back.


We were always happy

Tell me it was a dream

Tell me it was real

I would never want to face the truth.


You always made my day

Tell me you mean it

Tell me it was nothing

It was good until it lasted.


The world betrayed me when you left.

Tell me to wait

Tell me to move on

Loneliness is killing me slowly.


Life goes on but it was different without you.

Tell me to hold on.

Tell me to let go.

This is easier said than done.


I sighed and cried in my pillow.

I told myself: “Let it go.”

I can’t withstand the pain anymore.

So long and goodbye. (Sayonara ! )

goodbye !
goodbye !

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