“OHANA means family and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” –Lilo and Stitch

When I try to look back, I always go back to the days when I met them; those days when I got the chance to know them; the good old days that I considered a lifetime of happiness. It was like a dream but I know it was real because I can’t contain the happiness I felt. It would be better to say that they have touched my life in a way that only my heart can comprehend.

I have traveled a long journey in this life of mine. I have met different kinds of people. I never thought that in one of my stops, unexpectedly I found a group of crazy friends who became a major part of me. Despite our different personalities, we share the same passion: enjoy life and live it to the fullest. We never bother to mind the people who tried to pull us down, we just continue to be happy.

I never wanted to detail everything in here but for the sake of writing about wonderful memories, I would try to recall how we met and how our friendship turned into something we never expected to be.

It was on the 2nd day of January this year when finally I explored that certain place. The atmosphere was cold; cold as my heart. Actually, I was there for a demonstration. I’m not prepared as always. With me was a lady named Ana. She was the third demonstrator, after me. I really thought we were in the same age but she was in the late 20’s.  I listened carefully to the first applicant. I was amazed because she was good and she was very prepared, with all the instructional materials.  Later I knew that she was Ken.

Honestly, I never look forward about it because I know my stay there would just be temporary. I was mistaken though. As days passed, I’ve come to know more about the people there and within a short period of time, I have developed an attachment especially to the shining, shimmering, splendid group where I belong.

I am a hopeless romantic and I have this notion that happiness can only be found with the one you love or shall I say with the one true love. Again, I was wrong. I have found happiness with them as what I have mentioned earlier. I never thought I can be that happy despite all the problems in the world.

Every day with them is a happy day. No worries; just happiness. Such happiness doesn’t have to be explained because it was felt.

I am referring to the following people; I will try to describe them as simple as I can:

QUINN the QUEEN. She has the strong personality. I can attribute her with the element of fire. Despite the strong aura, she definitely has a soft heart. I can guarantee it because we always share the same sentiment when we miss each other.

KEN the SECURED. I will never forget her  “loading” characteristic but she is smart. She is chubby but she is beautiful just like me and Quinn of course. (kkkkk)

ACE the PANDA. My better 2/3. The very first time I saw him, I knew my heart has found its mate. Don’t get me wrong. He is my soul mate. We clicked instantly.

MHYL the most TICKETED. Among all of us, he is being envied by all. He has this charisma not one of us possessed. One thing I like about him is that he is like a big brother to me especially when he tousled my hair.

DAVID the GOSSIP QUEEN. “It” shall be called in the name of him. It is a very cheerful creature. When it laughed out loud, the gumamela will laugh too. Kidding aside, it is very dear to me because we have the same blood= green. HAHHA

JUN the DEADLY. My male counterpart, the silent water runs deep; though when he knew me, I can never be described like that and he will surely doubt it. I just like to tease him.

I know my descriptions are hanging. I intended to. There are just things better left unsaid.

Being with them can be borrowed times but I wouldn’t exchange it for something shallow. I have come to overcome my trauma about friendship. I have to thank them for that. One thing I love about them is that they accepted me for who I am not, for the sloppy way I dress, the plainness of being me, for my childish thoughts, my over reactions and my senseless humors. In one way or another, I may have made them laugh about things but at the end of the day, I am very much thankful for the joy they have brought into my life.

I have experienced to live a life without trying to please anybody, without having to live with the expectations of the society. With that I can say that happiness is contentment. We may not be as what we are before but rest assured that they have never left my heart. My heart aches every time I miss them but remembering the happy times and wonderful memories suffice the pain of longing.

I forgot to mention that because my life is a journey, I have to ride along wherever it leads me. Time to time, I have to stop and rest for a while but I know it’s not yet the end; I still have to get going. As I move forward, I will wear a genuine smile on my face because once in my life, in an unexpected stop, I have written a wonderful chapter to complete my happy ending story.

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