I have thrown myself to that awful dungeon
Let alone loneliness eat my frustration.
I covered my face like a wanted criminal,
Drowned of regret to that non-sense scandal.

Love and all its crap- a bite from reality
Hurts me just so badly.
Like a volcanic eruption no one predicted
It almost hit me dead.

Of great despair, I rely on my pain
The hatred inside is what I gain.
But I told myself: “This too shall pass.”
Though they said: “Memories last.”

Still, I came up with a bitter decision
Not to allow myself of such affection.
I have burned the sheets of my scribbles
Thinking its not worth it to keep those old symbols.

Setting aside my pain
told myself not to write again.
I was making my life easy
And seeing things clearly.

The rain was falling hard that day
but I wasn’t feeling gray.
I noticed a dainty smile on my face
To the clear heavens I gaze.



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