The man I’ve known for a while
To you I give my lopsided smile.
I’ve been thinking of you lately
Maybe I’m missing you badly.

I needed an inspiration.
You barged into my desolation.
I was hesitant at first
for things may get worst

It was the benefit of the doubt
that made me curious about.
First impression isn’t true at all
For I know I’m going to fall.

Never will I forget
the way you smiled at me.
And never will I regret
the chance of falling for you hopelessly.

Can’t believe I’m writing this poem
i just feel like I’m home.
The rain reminds me of you;
Hope I crossed your mind too.

I pray that I’ll see you again
but only God knows when.
I’m writing this for you
and that’s because I LIKE YOU :-*



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