The Bitterness of the Princess to the Good-for-Nothing Guy

PS| This poem is written by Jeryanne Jane Patayon, a good friend of mine. This is to extricate my sentiments; The story of my life that shall be left in the year 2013. Good riddance! 

She stood by the ocean and her crystalline tears fell off

Setting the blues to flame

The reflection of the moon became her witness

The sparkling stars went scattered coals burning like rubies to the sea

In her hands a sheaf of paper poems all for him

Clutching it as anger and pain embraces her being

Remembering his treachery, his lies and all the false hopes he had given her

His sugarcoated words now swords to her heart

As she knew she was the second recipient of his ‘I love yous’

As she picture him holding others hand as he held her once

All saccharin’s  now to her is as bitter as misery

She believed in love, in him and love broke her heart

He tore every piece of her apart

All the rhymes in her sonnets fade out as she was ever healed by time

The rain was sadness and tears drowning her

As she remembered those times she floated once in his ocean of blue lies

And as she burns inside with him cold as ice

Suddenly he calls her saying he missed her

Yet she knew now, that all those time he was with the other girl

It was him, the one who made the fool out of her

It was him, the one who ignored the minstrel in her

And it was stupidity to still be writing for him

And every line was wasted away to nothing

For he played his dark games with her

And she knew she was never worthy of his winnings

And that night, the time finally came to rest her pen

She thought he always will be a no-good for all her hopes

She needs no man like him

She deserves an ever after, a novel of her own

And he gave her a horror

So the sheets, she throws on the water

And for him its over to be sober

He’ll be gone and soon she’ll be happier

The verses written will melt on water or will turn to ashes

Memories will be left in the past

And this sentiments will pass fast

Goodbye to someone she wished she never had met

Goodbye Nothingness.



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