A last glance to the memories of us

Brought raging tears to my eyes

Can’t perfectly describe the sadness and the

Distance that killed every single detail of

Everything that we’ve shared left me no choice but to

Face tomorrow with a heavy heart

Going on as if it’s not hurting me;

Healing the wounds would surely take time.

I wanted to stay but your actions pushed me away.

Just give me time to get over you.

Knowing you has been a blessing in disguise but

Loving you happened unexpectedly otherwise. As

Much as I want to hold on, there’s

No enough reason for me to hang on.

One sided love is what I’m destined to be though

Pictures of you keep haunting me.

Questions left unanswered but

Rest assured I know you somehow cared.

Some things aren’t just meant to be

That’s a pathetic line applicable in this reality.

Unending sorrow I have to deal, with a

Vouch that one day, I’ll eventually heal.

With a sad smile, I’m gonna leave this behind.

X-ray my heart,

Your significance is attached in there.

Zoom it in, it will be missing you forever.

Camera 360


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