I am bored with my life so I came up with this stuff. I regarded us as parliamentarians even if we’re way too far beyond those real blooded parliamentarians. PRP rules and procedures never left my blood that I always look back to the times in high school when we’re practicing for the upcoming competition. I could still picture that girl next to the chairman who suspends the rule in every meeting and presents the main motion. The image of the entire team having arguments in both sides is still clear. Those were the brilliant days of the past which now serves as memories for a lifetime. Thank you SCNHS PRP team. “We’re now through with the exploration and is proudly announcing mission accomplished. We are now ready to submit our presentation for final evaluation and judgment. Thank you and good day.”


So here it goes.

Suspend the rules. If she has her way of suspending the rules with regards to reading the minutes of the previous meeting for urgent matters; then fall in love with a parliamentarian because she tends to suspend the rules with regards to her past failures and heartbreaks in order to open her heart for a new one.

Object to considerations: If she has her way of objecting to the consideration of the main motion just presented, then fall in love with her because she has her way of arguing to the point of her satisfaction and will fight for someone she truly loves.

Call for previous question as a whole. After hearing sensible or even pointless remarks, she will call for the previous question as a whole and would not wait for the next meeting. Fall in love with her because she is frank enough to fire up questions and answers directly to your mind boggling questions on her. She won’t let you wait for tomorrow because today is as important and valuable as the next day.

Rules of order. A parliamentarian set the rules of the house in order to keep track of the business to be discussed. She loves to organized things. If you fall in love with her, your dates will always be scheduled.

Main motion. The main motion is the important thing in the meeting. Without it, there would be nothing to discuss. In your relationship, love is the main motion. There would be nothing to talk about because action speaks more than words. Just don’t forget that still, words are sweeter than actions. So both goes hand in hand. If you love her, then never fail to show her that. If you fall out of love, then be honest enough to tell it to her. There’s no easy way to break a heart. If you are honest with her then same goes with yourself. Just make sure that you’re ready to face any consequences of your choice.

Appeal from the decision of the chair. A parliamentarian is strong willed and has her own way of pointing flaws if the decision of the chairman is unjustifiable. Fall in love with her and expect sensible arguments in your relationship and she will not stop until you favors her. At the end of the day, she’ll get tired of those pointless arguments and would compromise because she loves you more than those silly stuff.

Postpone definitely. After deliberating arguments of both sides, one would postpone definitely the presented motion as it would require approval of important personnel in such a way that when you court a parliamentarian, she would have in her mind the definite time that she would answer you, may it be yes or no. She does not need approval of anyone else, opinion may be, but in the end, she will have to follow the dictate of her heart after having battles of her mind.

Point of order. “I raise a point of order in the ground because the chair committed an error.” That’s a very familiar remark of a member in the meeting pointing out the mistake of the chairman or a colleague. She would insist that she’s right and of course with supporting facts. If you happen to fall in love with her, expect that she would love to correct your mistakes even the tiniest detail, some she would voice out, but then trust her that she will love you despite your mistakes and all.


You are a parliamentarian. You may be bossy, hard headed, ruthless but when we look at the other side of the coin, a parliamentarian is strong willed and a fighter. She will never give up on you. She will always be worthy of your love. Fall in love with a parliamentarian. Fall in love with me. 😛


*Inspired by “fall in love with a writer/activist/reader*


PS| it may not all be true to you but from the writer’s point of view, it says it all. I am proud of being a parliamentarian. I always am.




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