At one turning point in my life, I happen to bump into a stranger in the university library. He was not handsome but he was kind enough to help me pick the books that scattered in the floor. I noticed that he’s reading “Greek Drama”, one of my favorites and so I started to make a conversation.

“Hey, you’ve got a good taste huh, Greek Drama.”

He just looked up at me and never said a word. I felt stupid. I never tried to speak with him again.  That was the first and last time that I saw him there.

I love reading inasmuch as I love writing. There’s a sense of satisfaction when I read; it seems that I’m in another world. It’s also my escape from the harsh reality of life. Even my sister would comment that I have no time for other things because I always have a book in my hand. For me, reading is more sensible than wasting your time texting or facebooking. Don’t get me wrong, I also do those stuff; it’s just that I love reading and writing more.



Today is the first day of September but I don’t have the time to waste even a second of my life since I have to beat deadlines by the end of the week. I supposed to have a celebration since another month has come. New month would mean a new life for me also.

They said that when you’re ready for a new start, you have to be ready for a new heart. In my case, picking up the broken pieces wasn’t easy but it’s been a year and I guess I have moved on already. I’m quite sure of that. And so despite my busy schedule, I always have the time to think about that aspect in my life.

My name is September and this is my month. Actually today is also my birthday. I hope I get lucky today. May God be ever in my favor.  As I am nearing the university library, I noticed a guy in the bench. He looks familiar. Then I remembered he was the mean guy I saw last year. The library nerd who was so kind enough not to have a conversation with me.

I walked very fast without glancing at him but the odds were not in my favor that I lost my balance and almost fell into the corridor if it wasn’t for him who caught me. So I was thinking he was a knight who saved me and for the first time I heard him speak:

“Hey, be careful.” He said in a husky voice.

I was caught off guard with the tone of his voice that I just stared at him. Then he said again: “Hey, are you okay?” That’s the time when I managed to say: “Y—eah, yeah, thanks. I got to go.” I waved at him as a dismissal.

Oh yes, it’s hard to admit but I was loss for words with that encounter. I hoped to never see him again.

It’s almost 5 in the afternoon when I realized I have fallen asleep inside the library with my papers still in my table. I haven’t finished my research yet.

“What a mess!” I said to myself when I heard someone’s voice:

“Yes, you’re in a terrible mess.” The mean turned into a knight guy said with a half smile.

I noticed he has a charming smile that made my sleeping nerves woke up. I was about to say a word when he continued talking:

“By the way I’m August, and you’re?” he said while offering his hand.

“I—, I am Amber.” I stuttered in reply and accepted his hand.

We became friends starting that day. We shared our passion with books and movies that we liked most. And as days passed, just like in any stories, I was starting to like him. I like the way he laughed at my jokes, the way he looked at me with a smile in his eyes when I was tired. I like it when he made fun of me even if it pissed me off.  I like the simplest way about him.



I am walking again in this familiar corridor that I have taken a year ago but I never saw that face again. A face so fine, so pure, like an angel that made me speechless the first time I glanced at her face. I enjoyed her company from the time when we became friends but I never had the chance to tell her how I really feel about her; that I wanted us to be more than just friends but time wasn’t on my side that I lost her in a blink of an eye.

I missed that girl with lazy eyes. And so I looked for the book that once been meaningful for us. “Greek Drama.” As I scanned the pages, few notes fell on the floor. As I started reading the story, I noticed it was written by Amber. It was dated September 2011. It was funny to realize that what she has written came true in the following years.

She was special and will forever be special to me. After reading the story, I found out that her true name was September and that the day I saved her from falling because she lost her balance was her birthday. I have decided to see her today for the first time. For the first time in my life, I have got the courage to face my fears and face her.  The thought of her always makes me smile.

I knelt down to her grave as I arrived in the memorial park. I offered a silent prayer.  A tear fell from my eyes as I reminisced the times when we’re together. I stared at her portrait. I missed her smile. The smile that can lighten someone else’s load, the smile that captured my heart the very first day that I saw her. I wanted to confess everything to her but it was too late already.

With a bittersweet smile, I was teary eyed and uttered the words: “Hello September.”

a month to love life :)
a month to love life 🙂

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