Empty the heart where pain wrestled heaven

Empty the mind where memories lingered within

Our life continues, and our love will continue

Even if  the sun will rise at dawn.


The heart in the figures of birds and fossils

Never fails to amaze the beauty of attraction

Fixed in our fates, these shadows of masterpieces

Has ignited two souls in full adoration.


Love is challenging in the shades of the void

Love isn’t really exciting in the voices of the fools

When your own feelings are deformed by betrayal

Your heart will lead you to the valley of death.


You go nowhere with your own images and sigh

Then from somewhere , someone came up and said “Hi.”

You meet at a crossroad when hope was scarce

Too late to wish for there were no stars.


We wish for a music to melt and blend our worlds

We crave for affection that wasn’t bound to be told

We tap crude rhythms to make noise and be heard

Yet we ended up dancing to the tunes of another.


meet MARKO; the genius classmate of mine.
meet MARKO; the genius classmate of mine.

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