a JOURNEY with HIM :)

It was in the midst of my solitary sojourn

When I gazed at a face closer to perfection

A face just so familiar

I’m afraid my instinct is a friend of betrayal.

I remembered someone in him

And nostalgia makes my world dim

They are different I know

Just can’t help but compare though.

I’d like to believe his feelings are true

Still I can’t help feeling so blue.

This isn’t a perfect time for us

Because it’s hard to bargain the word trust.

I’ve been burned many times

Trapped with so much lies

I cannot try to love again

For I know it will still be in vain.

I’m not looking for the perfect man

Just someone that I could run

With this unable state I am in

I’m hoping someone can accept me deep within.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the right one for him

Someone’s out there is the answer to his dream.

He’ll finally meet her one day.

With that, he’ll laugh at me and everything’s gonna be okay.


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